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Frequently asked questions
How do we work?

We receive all the information on your job vacancy, and we generate and post it on all the sources. We then start resourcing the internal Talentgrator database as well as all external open and closed sources. We communicate with candidates directly. We select the best candidates and pass them on to the client for consideration. Once approved, we help introduce the person to the team (onboarding). We stay in contact with the client and the candidate throughout the probationary period.

What does the cost of services consist of?

The price of our services includes the work of the recruitment team, placement and promotion of the vacancy, use of all necessary sources for the search, communication with the client and jobseekers, introduction of the candidate into the business.

If a candidate fails the probationary period, we provide another candidate for an agreed period for free.

What if the client completes the vacancy by themselves?

If a client has made a deposit on a vacancy and closed it on their own, the full warranty is transferred to the other vacancy or can be used to purchase additional services of the agency.

What are terms and conditions for working with the candidate?

Working with candidates, we help them write their CVs, fill out their LinkedIn profiles, prepare them for interviews and provide career coaching. All these services are free of charge for the candidate we are ready to consider for the position. The data that the candidate provides to us is not distributed; it is stored in our closed database and can only be used for further work with the agency or newsletters from our company.

What information about the candidate do we provide to the client?

We provide clients with the following information about the candidates: hard and soft skills, experience details, knowledge of the stack, language skills, strengths and weaknesses. We identify applicants' goals and expectations and how they match the client's needs.

As we work within the EU/UK framework, we are bound by the GDPR. Therefore, we will never disclose informations about candidates' age, nationality, marital status, etc. in their description.

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