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Olga's story at Talentgrator: how to working remotely from South Africa

With the pandemic coming into our daily lives, remote working is no longer something unique and unfamiliar. Most people have already tried out the work-from-home format, some even work from exotic countries 6-7 hours apart from the rest of the team, and have been able to determine which is more suitable: remote, office... read more

Talentgrator recruiter f*ckups

We all enjoy talking about our successes and achievements, showing our over-achieved KPIs and giving professional advice. But what about our failures? Learning from our mistakes is definitely important, but we believe that learning from the mistakes of others is still a bit more enjoyable:) read more

The onboarding and offboarding process in companies today

Preparing new hires for their start-up and integrating into the team correctly is crucial to acclimatize them to their new role and the working environment.  read more