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About Talentgrator

Talentgrator is a recruitment service that brings together IT entertainment businesses and professionals.   We contribute to the growth and development of iGaming ecosystem through a personalised approach tailored to the needs of each business.

What is Talentgrator?

Our aim is to find the perfect match between businesses' needs and applicants' preferences while contributing to create a healthy job market for the industry.

Marina Zapolskaya
Marina Zapolskaya

General Manager

What is Talentgrator?

It’s a talent recruitment agency
for iGaming companies!

Valeria Kozhevnikova
Valeria Kozhevnikova

Business Dev. Manager

Meet our team

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Marina Zapolskaya

Rimma Gadelshina

Marina Zapolskaya

Anastasiya Ataş

Marina Zapolskaya

Viktoriia Miroshnikova

Marina Zapolskaya

Klara Hlavac

Marina Zapolskaya

Natallia Nizamava


Our services

Recruiting a

team from scratch

for your start-up

Whether you've set up your company offline or online, we can help you with hiring of a turnkey team.

From junior developers, marketing managers and illustrators to high-level top managers. 

Our recruiters have over 17 years' experience in recruiting the best talent, so you can trust us with the important task of recruiting a team for your business.

Team planning

Suppose you have created a great product, launched it on the market and now you know how to build your processes, but you don't know how to recruit the right staff. What kind of specialists do you need to make your product work well and sell it competently?

We can help you generate the right request and create a list of specialists for your team.
Of course, we will also be able to recruit each of them for your business:)

Promoting your vacancy

In case you want to advertise your vacancy on our resources we have special promotional packages.

This service includes the creation and publication of your job vacancy on all Talentgrator sources as well as posting on partner sites, profile groups and social media pages exclusively to the relevant target audience.

Send us a request for details of all available packages.

CV Creator

CV Creator by Talentgrator was created specifically to make the process of creating a CV easier and the result more relevant to a potential employer.

You can create an unlimited number of CVs here, and the data you enter in the form will automatically be uploaded into our private candidate database.

Let's create your best CV in just a couple of minutes!
To get started, click  here.

We have a wide range of recruitment services for both businesses and job seekers. And if you're looking for something specific, we'll be happy to provide you with a customised package.

If you have any question, then just write us a message or leave your contact information in our form β€” we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any question, then just write us a message or leave your contact information in our form β€” we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Talentgrator news

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