Data Protection and Privacy Policy

This Data Protection and Privacy Policy (hereinafter - the "Policy") defines the procedure for processing and protection of received personal data by Limited Liability Company "MEDIA TECH GLOBAL" (USREOU 44307206), which operates under the brand "Talentgrator" (hereinafter - "Talentgrator") and which is the possessor. 

The term "personal data" as defined in the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection" No 2297-XII as of 01.06.2010 means any information or set of information about an individual who is identified or can be specifically identified.

By sending a resume to Talentgrator and filling out a questionnaire on (hereinafter - the "Website"), sending other similar letters to the e-mail addresses of companies and / or other users of the Website, you according to the Law provide us with voluntary and informed consent to the processing of your personal data, specified in the resume and / or questionnaire, as well as to sharing (including provision, realization, transfer) of your personal data to third parties and confirm your intention to become a candidate for one or more vacancies available in the Talentgrator database or to conclude a contract with a potential customer.  

This Policy applies to all personal data that you provide to us and that Talentgrator collects about you.

Processing of received personal data is carried out by Talentgrator in accordance with this Policy and the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine.

We take care of the confidentiality of transmitted information and ensure the protection of personal data received directly from you or through third parties authorized by you in electronic form or on physical media. 

1. Personal data that is processed

We collect personal data that you provide to us at your own request directly or through third parties authorized by you, namely:

  1. basic information: name, gender, citizenship, autobiography, date (day / month / year) and place of birth, other information contained in the resume;
  2. contact details, including telephone number, e-mail address, contacts in chat rooms and other electronic resources, if these are indicated in the resume / questionnaire;
  3. data from social networks to which you have provided access, account in social networks, contacts;
  4. information on education, in particular information contained in documents on education, such as name and address of educational or scientific institution, period, type and form of education, date of graduation, faculty, obtained qualification, direction and specialty, including professional certificates , participation in professional associations, information on academic title and degree, level of foreign languages proficiency, information on certification, advanced training and professional retraining;
  5. information on available work experience, including information on previous jobs (names of employers, start and end dates of work, position);
  6. information on registration as a natural person - entrepreneur;
  7. financial information, in particular information on the approximate amount of income;
  8. information on the physical data of the subject of personal data, in particular photographs;
  9. information on interviews with Talentgrator.

2. Personal data that is not processed

We do not collect or process personal data relating to: political views and membership in political parties and trade unions; religious beliefs; racial or ethnic origin; health or medical diagnosis; personal life or orientation; genetic or biometric data; criminal prosecution. However, we process such information if you communicate it to us and voluntarily consent to it.

3. Methods of obtaining personal data

We may collect and process your personal data in the course of our activities. Your personal data can be obtained through:

  1. sending an electronic message or request with personal data to Talentgrator, through the Website or through other channels;
  2. your using of our Website, when you subscribe or make a request to send you information materials;
  3. your communication with us by e-mail;
  4. your participation in the events held / organized by Talentgrator;
  5. your using of our services or as a result of your relationship with one or more of our employees, customers;
  6. your responses to our messages or requests for information.

4. Purposes of personal data processing

The purpose of personal data processing is to confirm the compliance of candidates' qualifications with the vacancies available in the Talentgrator database, enter personal data of candidates in the database of potential contractors or form a personnel reserve, recommend candidates to Talentgrator clients and establish feedback with candidates.

IP-addresses of devices used to visit our Website, browser history, device type, type of operating system and computer, mobile browser, date and time of visiting the Website (session), updating and deleting data, information about actions on the Website, "Cookies" files are processed in order to improve the work of the Website, provide solutions that best meet the needs of the candidate, provide information about Talentgrator services. 

Talentgrator collects only the information that is necessary to process your request and to contact you, or to fulfill our contractual obligations, to provide you with personalized information of an advertising and marketing nature.

The purposes of personal data processing are:

  1. response to your request;
  2. fulfillment of our obligations under the services agreement;
  3. fulfillment of obligation established by law;
  4. availability of legitimate interests;
  5. other purposes: in some cases we shall ask you for individual consent to the processing of certain of your personal data, and such processing will be carried out only with your written consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at a[href="mailto:"[email protected] and stating the purpose for which your personal data was provided to us.

5. Methods of personal data processing

Methods used to process personal data:

  • automated processing;
  • non-automated processing;
  • mixed processing;
  • processing by copying;
  • storage of personal data in paper form, as well as in electronic form on the servers of Talentgrator, its clients, to whom such personal data is transferred in accordance with the terms of this Policy;
  • review of personal data to determine the availability of information related to the purpose of collection and processing of personal data;
  • providing access to personal data to persons who need it for the purposes of performing their official duties, obligations under existing applicable agreements;
  • other methods of processing, in accordance with the purpose of collection and processing of personal data.

6. Transfer of personal data

For the purposes of our services, we may need to transfer your personal data to third parties, employers (disposers). We pass on your data to potential employers with whom we have concluded service agreements or signed commercial offers.

We transfer personal data to third parties when it’s necessary for the purposes of our professional activities, processing of your requests, fulfillment of contractual obligations and / or when it’s required or permitted by law or professional standards.

By sending us a resume and filling out a questionnaire on, you confirm that personal data disposers process your personal data, collect, register, accumulate, store, adapt, change, update, use and distribute (distribute, implement, transfer), depersonalize, destruct personal data, including with the use of information (automated) systems. Disposers have the right to receive personal data from any lawful sources, including from you and from third parties, as well as to process all personal data specified in this Policy, to which you give your full and unconditional consent.

You can always obtain relevant information on any transfer of your personal data to third parties (including the relevant transfer mechanisms) by contacting us at a[href="mailto:"[email protected].

7. Your rights regarding the processing of personal data

You have the right to know about:

  • sources of collection;
  • location of your personal data;
  • the purpose of personal data processing;
  • location of the possessor or disposer of personal data.

You have the right to:

  • access to your personal data;
  • receive information about third parties to whom your personal data is provided;
  • receive information about the conditions for providing access to your personal data;
  • require updating or correcting any inaccuracies in your personal data or supplementing any incomplete personal data stored by us;
  • make reservations about the restriction of the right to process your personal data while providing the consent;
  • file complaints regarding the processing of your personal data;
  • withdraw consent to the processing of personal data;
  • require the deletion of your personal data if you believe that its retention period was unjustifiably exceeded, and - in certain circumstances - require it to be processed to a limited extent;
  • other rights defined by law.

If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, please contact us in any of the following ways: by sending your request to: [email protected][email protected]; calling us by phone: +38 068 872 56 29; or by sending a written request to the address: Ukraine 03189, Kyiv, off. 43 6-D Williams Academician str. When applying, please clearly indicate the purpose for which you provided us with your personal data, what information you wish to receive, view, change, delete or stop processing. We shall make all reasonable and practical efforts to fulfill your request, provided that it does not contradict the law and professional standards.

8. Protection of personal data

Talentgrator has security measures and policies to ensure the security and protection of personal data. However, due to the existing threats to information security, there is no absolute guarantee of personal data retention.

We do our best to protect your personal data. We provide access to your personal information only to those who need it to perform their official duties. We ensure the privacy of your personal data in the highest regard, including by those who have access to your data due to performance of their duties. We store personal data only for the period of time during which we need it to ensure compliance with contractual and legal requirements. The retention period of such data will depend on the specific events and circumstances in which the data was collected.

When you visit our Website, you may see links to other websites, programs and platforms provided not by us but by other companies. We are not responsible for such websites, programs and platforms, and this Policy does not apply to them. Talentgrator uses the Google Analytics online service. Detailed information on using Google Analytics in Talentgrator can be found here: To provide website visitors with more choices about collecting their Google Analytics data, Google has developed an additional Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. Additional browser connects JavaScript (ga.js) to Google Analytics so that information about website visits is not received by Google Analytics. The optional Google Analytics browser does not prevent information from reaching the website itself or other web analytics services. 

Our Website uses Pixel from Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (to evaluate the conversion of visitor actions).

9. Term of processing and storage

Processing and storage of your personal data is carried out throughout the period of consideration of your application to fill the relevant vacant position in Talentgrator, as well as after the decision to refuse employment or refuse to enter into a civil contract with you - to include personal data in the personnel reserve or databases of potential counterparties, until you withdraw your consent, unless there are other legal grounds for the processing and storage of your personal data. During this period, Talentgrator, other persons specified in this Policy have the right to process, in particular, store, your personal data.

10. Consent

  1. Use of the Website in the ways provided by this Policy means your full consent to this Policy and the purposes and conditions of processing of your personal data specified herein.
  2. By sending us a resume and filling out a questionnaire on the Website, you provide us with voluntary and informed consent to processing of your personal data.
  3. By providing personal data of former employers, clients, relatives, other persons to Talentgrator, you guarantee that you have obtained the consent of these persons to transfer their personal data for processing by Talentgrator in accordance with the purposes of personal data processing specified in paragraph 4 of this Policy.
  4. You are informed of the possible transfer of your personal data and give Talentgrator your consent to the transfer of personal data to third parties in accordance with this Policy.
  5. You are informed about the consequences of refusing to consent to the receipt of your personal data by third parties, in particular that this may be one of the reasons of choosing another candidate for employment or concluding a civil contract with such candidate.
  6. This consent takes effect from the date of its provision by you.
  7. You are informed that this consent may be revoked at any time by written notice of revocation sent by registered mail to Talentgrator: Ukraine03189, Kyiv, off. 43,6-D Williams Academician str., as well as by sending a notice (e-mail) of recall to the e-mail address: [email protected].
  8. 8.The withdrawal of this consent shall take effect on the date of receipt of the respective notificationby
  9. Withdrawal of consent entails the termination of personal data processing, if there are no other grounds for personal data processing.
  10. If any articles of this Policy are recognized as inconsistent with the legislation of Ukraine or invalid, it should not affect the validity and legality of other articles of the Policy.

11. Amendments to the Policy

To ensure proper protection of personal data, we may make amendments to this Policy from time to time. We shall notify you of all significant amendments to this Policy on our Website. Continued use of our Website and Services after the publication of amendments to this Policy means that you have read and agreed with all amendments. When we make amendments, we shall indicate the date of the current version on the first page of this Policy. You may download, print or otherwise store a copy of this Policy.

In this Policy, the term Talentgrator, as well as the pronoun "we" and derived pronouns, means Limited Liability Company "MEDIA TECH GLOBAL" (USREOU 44307206), located at: Ukraine 03189, Kyiv, of. 43 6-D Williams Academician str., email address: [email protected].

Last updated: June 2, 2021