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Marina Zapolskaya revealed the secrets of finding professionals in the gambling business at UGW

Talentgrator, a recruitment company in the gambling business, took part in a major conference dedicated to the gambling market in Ukraine – Ukrainian Gaming Week. The company was an HR sponsor of the event, and Talentgrator General Manager Marina Zapolskaya became a speaker and focused on the difficulties in recruiting... read more

How to use social media to find a job

The results are in. According to research conducted in Europe, the CIS, and Russia, over 80% of recruiters search for candidates on social media, and three out of four hiring managers will check a candidate’s LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram profile. read more

Alena’s story: from Starbucks to the iGaming industry

In the gambling industry, you can see requests for specialists of every kind. Moreover, demand significantly outstrips supply, which is why the gambling industry is generally open to employees with experience in other industries. Today we tell you the story of an HR manager from the Czech Republic. She has been working... read more