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Emotional burnout. True stories by the Talentgrator team

Experts teach classes on emotional burnout, users of social networks publish posts on the Internet, and almost all of us share our worries about it with friends and relatives… According to last year’s statistics, 76% of respondents in the USA, 74% in Russia, and at least 64% in Ukraine reported that they experienced b... read more

Alina Panchenko is the candidate of the month. July 2021

Alina is a marketer with more than five years of experience in marketing and sales, and she is fluent in three languages (Russian, Spanish, and English). A results-oriented professional, she boasts successful cases in project management, development, and implementation of strategic approaches, team building, and optimi... read more

First impression: how to choose a photo for your CV?

As it is said, “Good clothes open all doors.” If we talk about “clothes” in the context of a job interview it will surely be your photo on your resume. read more