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Employment in the Czech Republic. What's important to know?

Finding a job in a new country in a highly stressful situation while you do not yet know the language is not an easy task. We have prepared some basic information to help you find your way through the specifics of the employment relationship and job search in the Czech Republic. We have also analysed the main rules you... read more

How to work under constant fear and stress?

We talked to business coach Elena Mikhailova about how to continue to live and work nowadays and learned from her how to find resources within yourself, how to work under constant internal and external pressure, and what to do for those who have already been laid off and have lost their income. read more

Jobs in the gambling industry: what kind of specialists are casinos looking for today?

The sphere of legal gambling has ceased to be exotic for Ukrainians and is increasingly perceived as a severe sphere of activity and an attractive employer. In 2022 the job market is already more adjusted to the game's new rules, and more and more negative stereotypes about gambling jobs are becoming history. read more