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Alina Panchenko is the candidate of the month. July 2021


Alina is a marketer with more than five years of experience in marketing and sales, and she is fluent in three languages (Russian, Spanish, and English). A results-oriented professional, she boasts successful cases in project management, development, and implementation of strategic approaches, team building, and optimization of company work processes.

A results-oriented professional, she boasts successful cases in project management, development, and implementation of strategic approaches, team building, and optimization of company work processes. 

Alina impressed us not only with her professional skills but also with her life story and personal qualities. 

Having completed her first degree in Regional Studies of Western Europe in 2012 in Moscow, she didn’t stop there, and in 2017 she already obtained a Master’s in MBA Marketing at the University of Alicante in Spain. In 2020, she completed a Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication at IMF Business School in Madrid. 

Such an exciting experience has helped her become fluent in three languages and open-minded, making her a sought-after professional and a very engaging speaker).

Alina, can you tell me how you started in marketing? Where did you start, and why did you choose this particular direction? 

My history in marketing began with sales, or more precisely, with the sale of banking products. 

At a certain point in my career, I had the good fortune to join the marketing department, responsible for launching an unknown brand of Spanish leather goods and promoting it to a new market. Deeply passionate about the process and keen to learn how marketing functions from the inside, I set out to learn a new profession for myself as a marketer. This is how I discovered my vocation in marketing and my deep passion for it. 

You have a lot of experience as a Sales Manager in your portfolio, can you tell us more about it?

I mentioned selling banking products (Citibank), but I must add my sales experience in overseas properties to that. The art of selling has always been easy for me. The ability to feel the emotions and mood of the person I was talking to, my communication skills, and my attention to detail have always helped me find common ground and resolve doubts on any matter. My experience in sales and later in marketing helps me make decisions professionally and considered a manner, with the ability to see the process from product development and launch to the final sale and create customer loyalty to the brand. 

Who or what inspires and motivates you?

I am inspired and motivated by individuals who know how to set clear goals and build strategies to achieve them. 

They are people with a winning mindset, for whom failure is not a sign of stopping but an opportunity to learn from their mistakes to get back up and get back into the game.

The doctors also inspire me. Every time I see their hard work and dedication, I want to do something to help them in their hard work. Maybe one day I’ll head a volunteer organization of helping doctors 🙂 

On weekends I go hiking in the mountains or getaway on my bike. I switch off gadgets and get inspired by nature, silence, and beauty. It helps to clear my mind and gives me inspiration for the next week. 

When I have a bit more free time, for example, on holiday, I might go on a volunteer program to care for animals or help rebuild a mussel factory on the far and cold western fjords of Iceland.

Share your personal/work achievements? What are you most proud of? 

I am most proud of my work achievements because they make the work productive, bringing projects success and material benefits.

Your ideal employer is…?

The ideal employer for me is, first and foremost, a mentor, a total professional in his job. He is demanding of himself and others; he is a workaholic and selects the right team. 

He is not afraid to experiment and try things out; he is always aware of what is happening in his niche; he can make a decent match in discussion with a well-known leader and come out of it with dignity, demonstrating his professionalism.

Alina currently lives in Barcelona, and she is open to new suggestions and opportunities! If you are looking for someone to join your team with new ideas and solutions for your business, contact us by filling out the form🙂