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Talentgrator recruiter f*ckups


We all enjoy talking about our successes and achievements, showing our over-achieved KPIs and giving professional advice. But what about our failures? Learning from our mistakes is definitely important, but we believe that learning from the mistakes of others is still a bit more enjoyable:)

That's why today our recruiters are honestly sharing with you their fails before, during or after job interviews and strongly recommend you read, analyse and never repeat:) 

Anastasia Razanova 

Recruiter, Talentgrator 

Once I accidentally coordinated two technical interviews with two different companies with a time overlap: I set one for 14:00 and the other for 14:30, well, I had to maneuver with the phone and computer, connect simultaneously and introduce everyone. The main trap was that at that moment everything that could happen happened: the internet was down, the candidate couldn't find an invitation to a meeting in the mail, and the previous interview, as if by chance, lasted longer. We had to break up a bit. Overall, everything went well and it only cost me nerves, but I won't do it again and I wouldn't advise you to do it:)

Marina Zapolska

General manager, Talentgrator 

My favorite fuckup is to get the candidate's name mixed up in an appeal or even their stack. In the flow of the large number of messages on LinkedIn, one can often misread the name in a professional's profile, and if I repeatedly receive the address "Maria" instead of "Marina", funny cases happen on my side as well.

Even after a thorough analysis of profile, skills and CVs, candidates tend to get lost in the list of potentially interesting and mixed in the number of open profiles. This is how I have more than once offered jobs to specialists with the exact opposite stack. 

Valeria Buchhaus

Recruiter, Talentgrator 

Once, when working with one candidate, I kept calling him by a different name, even though he kept correcting me.

It all started with an email. His name seemed to be Vladislav, and to me he was Dmitriy. He corrected me the first time, I apologized, then I called him "Dmitry" again, and he corrected me again (I was starting to burn with shame). But when I spelled "Dmitriy, hello" in our online meeting, he must have just accepted it...

Ekaterina Shuvalova

Recruiter, Talentgrator 

Once I was looking for a candidate for a large real estate agency, the position was Director of Sales. The company had a very strong culture of subordination: everyone had to come in suits or strict jackets. Smoking candidates were not considered and there was no alcohol, even in free time on photos in social networks. All in all, everything was very serious.

The candidate at the interview with me was wearing a jacket, very polite, he did not ask any additional questions. Everything went well, and I decided to introduce him to the client. Within 10 minutes of the interview starting, he takes out a beer from behind his laptop, opens it and starts drinking it with a completely indifferent expression, as if this were his standard behavior for work interviews or online meetings.

There was also a story when I worked for a Turkish construction company. The hot blood of local colleagues occasionally made itself felt, a couple of times it even came down to fights between department managers. One day, while I was interviewing a candidate, the company's security officer came in and demanded that I hand over all the knives and weapons I was carrying. 

At that moment a comment came from the other end of the office: "Shit, do we have to do it again?!". 

For some unknown reason, the candidate did not get back in touch🤪

Lhouvino Strnadel

Recruiter, Talentgrator 

Once I was having back to back interview with the candidates with Account and Sales Manager positions. In between I had a compliance office position, i started the interview and described the job position of the Account Management, the candidate did not interrupt , by the time i was done with the description, He just replied jokingly, now can I learn more about the compliance position 😅 Lessons learnt, no matter how hectic of an interview day, take a good look at the candidates position:P

Well...we all make silly mistakes, but the important thing is the lessons we learn from them:)

And how often have you failed at the work? Share your stories in the comments on our social networks:)

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