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Marina Zapolskaya revealed the secrets of finding professionals in the gambling business at UGW


Talentgrator, a recruitment company in the gambling business, took part in a major conference dedicated to the gambling market in Ukraine – Ukrainian Gaming Week. The company was an HR sponsor of the event, and Talentgrator General Manager Marina Zapolskaya became a speaker and focused on the difficulties in recruiting professionals for the gambling business.

Marina Zapolskaya described the pandemic impact on the labor market and shared the ways to improve hiring for iGaming companies. The main trends for this year, according to the expert, are a large number of applicants, interest in moving to another country, as well as candidates being not ready to change jobs, which increased the number of counteroffers from current employers.

When talking about hiring problems, Zapolskaya divided them into three categories. The difficulties that come up during searching for the candidate include:

• Lack of a clear understanding of what kind of candidate is needed

• Search limiting requirements

• Failure to communicate the value of the proposal

Also, there are difficulties in the selection process: stereotypes, search for the ideal employee, incorrect CV and candidate’s experience assessment. While offering the job, the following problems may arise: giving candidates a long time to accept the offer, inability to get rejections and no work with the offer’s value.

Marina Zapolskaya finished her speech with practical advice on attracting candidates. The expert considers the following points necessary: creating brands from employees, offering the right market conditions, willing to teach hired people, and working on the HR brand.

The recruitment company Talentgrator will also participate in the UGW exhibition on March 23-24 as an HR sponsor and exhibitor. At the company’s stand B12, you can get advice on your career opportunities and discuss the search for a talented team for your business.