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What is Talentgrator?


Talentgrator is a recruiter for gambling businesses. We help online and land-based casinos to find highly qualified specialists of any level and on time and those searching for a job to get what they are dreaming of, or even better.

Talentgrator was created by gambling industry experts. We know how to find solutions responding to every particular project’s needs, and we are delving into corporate culture and specifics of the business models to guarantee both parties are satisfied with our work.

The gambling sector is rapidly growing and developing, offering more and more workplaces every year: land-based establishments need dealers, security staff, administrators, supervisors, and hostesses, while online casinos are interested in developers, client support agents, graphic designers, and marketing managers. Any gambling business relies on lawyers and accountants, as well as security specialists and C-level management. We know where to find them all.

We value responsibility, reliability, and professionalism in our candidates, and we do our best to keep up with these principles: we work quickly and treat companies’ and applicants’ demands attentively. Our work is not done until both parties are happy with it.

Our mission is to contribute to industry development, building a bridge between the gambling business and talents looking for success in it.

Why do we do this?

Any business is about employees — people who solve problems daily. Companies with no time to wait and hope that workers will find them get help from our team of experienced recruiters.

When the business grows, requirements for quality and quantity of staff grow as well. Things that were possible to organize with their forces demand professional attitude and methods today. But traditional HR companies are now always able to satisfy the gambling sector’s requests — it has its specifics and requirements for candidates.

Talentgrator’s primary focus is on the gambling industry. We know what skills and qualities are the most desired in this sector and what questions must be asked to confirm the experience.

Talentgrator появился, чтобы дать наземным и онлайн-казино, букмекерским конторам и другим участникам игорного рынка возможность работать с агентством которое говорит с ними на одном языке.

We help entrepreneurs

Time is money for every online and mortar gambling project. Until the position is occupied, work isn’t done, and the business is losing profit. It takes much time and effort to search for people, meaning: it is expensive. And launching a brand new project requires many people within a short period of time.

Talentgrator has polished its processes of search and selection of candidates. We examine our clients’ problems and solve them quickly, starting from a qualified manager with credible experience and up to the full completion of land-based casino staff.

Our database consists of thousands of contacts of promising and proven resources, and we guarantee our clients that the candidates will pass the trial. We are continually working on CVs and applications, following up with the candidates, and keeping in touch with them. That is why we can connect the companies with the interested specialists quickly and offer both parties options until the positions are occupied.

Consequently, the rapid turnover of staff and higher expenses on constant replacing is a complication for every company. We believe that we found a way to solve it once and forever, helping businesses to find people who will genuinely adapt and stay for long-term employment.

We contribute to establishing trustful relationships between candidates and companies and, as a result, help to find not just executive power but irreplaceable team members.

We help applicants

To find a job is not an easy task. Talentgrator‘s mission is to help applicants succeed. Our team demonstrates an individual attitude whether you are looking for a job in a land-based establishment or an online casino, in your region or remotely, in a company that would appreciate your experience or let you collect one — our recruiters will consider all your preferences and offer you options.

Talentgrator works with many companies of different sizes in different countries, offering specialists, among the rest, positions with relocation opportunities and the possibility of remote work. iGaming provides many exciting opportunities for IT specialists with experience in financial systems, web development skills, or project management experience. Do not forget about marketing: legal casino promotion demands SEO professionals, ads, and content specialists. Lawyers and financial specialists are also always needed since casinos and betting deal with strict laws and massive cash flows.

We perform responsibility and confidentiality, we help prepare for an interview, write a CV and provide support while a candidate is passing a trial period. Our specialists help make the first impression, advise on what qualities are the most valued in the industry, and explain how to understand that a company you are planning to work for is legal.

We do not strive to occupy a position with any means. Our purpose is to offer you a place you will like.

Our role

Both land-based gambling establishments and iGaming businesses find recruitment one of the most significant complications. Myths and misunderstandings discourage potential candidates, and companies have to fight for experienced and narrowly focused candidates.

Talentgrator was explicitly created to provide HR solutions considering the gambling industry’s specifics and take the necessity to recruit off the managers. Our team is not afraid of challenges: they will discuss the legality of the process and this sector’s potential. They will explain the difference between slots and lotteries and tell how RTP is calculated. They, in turn, expect competence and experience from professionals of any branch, from a software developer and marketing specialist to a manager or director.

Our goal

We at Talentgrator work every day to help a global gambling industry prosper: from small gaming establishments and local casinos to international chains and online sportsbooks. We know that transparency and commitment are crucial to development and success. We support legal and responsible businesses and help companies realize their potential, allowing them to find people who share corporate values and contribute to them.