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The ideal candidate | How to become an in-demand specialist in the iGaming industry?


To be the best at what you do is a goal almost everyone sets for themselves. But how to get a desirable job and a successful career in an industry new to you? The general manager of Talentgrator, Marina Zapolskaya, shared a few tips in her expert column for Casino Rating magazine.

Gambling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment, which has become more complex and diverse with the development of society and technology. The nascent industry was limited to dice and betting; today, gambling entertainment is vast, and the terms of participation vary from region to region. 

There is an increasing focus on online gambling as access to online casinos and betting has become more accessible, increasing industry revenues. Unfortunately, despite the modern and ambitious technological context, iGaming, like land-based businesses, shows a conservative approach in selecting candidates: many companies are looking for employees with gambling experience. By specifying this job requirement as one of the main requirements, companies are closing the door to many talented professionals. 

If you are looking to build a career in gambling, it’s all about what you want—any field values candidates who have chosen a particular area and want to try their hand at it. I want to give some tips to help you get an interview even if you have no relevant gambling experience.

1. In the gambling industry, there are not many candidates with specific experience. Company managers are likely to have hired from other areas, but they prefer a candidate with relevant experience. Don’t let this scare you: remember that if you have more professional competence than someone who has been in the industry for a long time, your chances with the other candidate are equal. 

One of our clients, a successful iGaming operator in Europe, recently recruited a candidate from the travel industry for the Head of Customer Service position and was among the great examples. For example, you can safely take on a specialist from another industry when talking about email marketing. 

Read the vacancy carefully, work out what tasks the employer needs you to do, and tell them how you would do it, even if based on your experience in another field.

2. Analyze your skills and achievements and show at the interview how you can apply them to the position. It’s great if you’ve had successful cross-industry transitions in your career: highlight this fact; it indicates your ability to adapt, learn and absorb new information. At Talentgrator, we believe that the potential, not the candidate’s past positions, should be assessed first. 

3. There are some positions for which industry experience is essential. For example, Game Manager positions need people who understand what slots are and their varieties and features. If you’ve decided to build a career in gambling and are aiming for a ‘product’ position, starting with customer service, technical support, or sales will give you the experience you need to get started. 

You’ll get to know the product, understand the company’s processes, and over time you could move into a coveted position with your employer. Internal candidates always have an advantage over external candidates because they have built up the employer’s trust. 

4. The industry is now in demand for people who know how to put their own hands to work from scratch. There are many start-ups on the market offering decent salaries for their specialists. Willingness to be a ‘play coach’ is a quality that employers in the industry are competing for today. 

There is a shortage of candidates in the gambling industry. The reasons are simple: not everyone knows enough about the industry, its prospects for employees, and the steady growth of the market regardless of the state of the economy. Ask the neighbor you go down the lift with what does he know about working in the industry? Clips of cool rappers and illegal casino ads in front of films? And yet, it’s a whole world of talented, hard-working, and intelligent people. Technical expertise, innovation, and creativity are the backbone of the gambling industry. Show these qualities at your interview and become a sought-after professional, and we’ll introduce you to the best employers in the industry. 

Talentgrator is a young and professional recruitment team for the gaming industry. We help companies quickly find highly qualified specialists and help job seekers find the best offers on the market. 

We offer each candidate the following options: confidential job search, professional assistance in writing a CV and completing a LinkedIn profile, and preparing for an interview with an employer.

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