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Jobs in the gambling industry: what kind of specialists are casinos looking for today?


The sphere of legal gambling has ceased to be exotic for Ukrainians and is increasingly perceived as a severe sphere of activity and an attractive employer. In 2022 the job market is already more adjusted to the game's new rules, and more and more negative stereotypes about gambling jobs are becoming history.

New projects in the industry are constantly emerging, with the online casino format leading the way with confidence. Nevertheless, we also regularly learn about the opening of new large offline casinos in Ukrainian cities; of course, they need employees just as much. 
What are the most in-demand professions in online gambling today?

Talentgrator, the iGaming industry's recruitment company, often receives requests from online projects for experienced professionals in marketing, development, and design. 
When creating an online product, there is an urgent need for software developers at least at the middle level, preferably with experience in the industry or related areas. 

The most popular requests on Talentgrator are:

  • JavaScript Developer (pixi.js)
  • DevOps Engineer
  • C#/.NET Core Developer

There are also less popular and slightly less frequent vacancies:

  • Python developer
  • Ruby on Rails developer

Graphic design
In a highly competitive environment, the consumer dictates the demands on the product, and these are getting higher every day. At this stage, businesses need good game designers and animation artists, including professionals such as Game Producer, Graphic Designer, Game Designer, 2D/3D Animator, etc.

It's hard to imagine the successful promotion of a new product without a marketing department in the company. Requests for marketing professionals are now at the top of the recruitment agencies. Finding a good candidate with relevant experience is a task with an asterisk, and the most common request is for a CMO - head of marketing.
That said, marketers with offline casino experience are less in demand than digital marketers, even without gambling experience. 

The most popular among the queries in Talentgrator:

  • CMO
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SMM/Community Manager
  • PPC-specialist
  • Email Marketing Manager 
  • User Acquisition Manager
  • Copywriter

A product cannot be launched without fully testing and validating it, and this is where companies get help from testers. Experts such as QA Automation Engineer, Manual QA Engineer help identify all the problematic areas of the finished game and improve it for future players.

Technical Support
The final stage - the product's launch - implies one hundred percent readiness. The moment a player meets a new online casino, the resource should make the best possible first impression so that the potential consumer will return again and again. The first few months of operation are always full of questions and clarifications, which is where the team needs the Technical Support staff more than ever. 

Technical Support and Technical Support Engineers support customers via email queries, messengers, call center or online chats, staying in touch 24/7. Without a support department, businesses would never get constructive feedback from their customers or quickly improve their products to meet the demands of their target audience.

Analytics and Sales
Equally in-demand and popular positions are Business Intelligence Analyst and, of course, Sales Manager. In the gambling or betting industry, you will more often come across positions such as Quality Control Manager, Data Analyst, and Risk Analyst. These professionals must have quick response skills and conduct live analytics.

Salaries in the gambling industry 

The gambling industry is known for its rapid growth and its high salaries. For example, developers, tech support or testers can earn between $800 and $7000 if they are proficient in rare programming languages and more than two foreign languages.

Job vacancy statistics based on internal Talentgrator data

Creative professionals such as art leads, 2D illustrators, graphic designers, game designers, and others can earn up to $3,000 a month. 

Job vacancy statistics based on internal Talentgrator data

As for the top management in the industry, there is no concept of a salary ceiling. Today in Ukraine, we repeatedly encounter CMO and COO positions that companies are willing to offer $8,000-10,000 a month. 

Job vacancy statistics based on internal Talentgrator data

What kind of specialists do land-based casinos need?

A land-based casino needs specialists in at least eight different areas for a land-based casino to function correctly.
Let's go through each of them:

  1. The general manager manages all the processes of the casino.
  2. The PitBoss oversees the entire gaming process and casino operations, including communicating with contractors and creating a conducive atmosphere for gaming.
  3. The dealer is responsible for running the games according to the rules set by the casino. His job is to run the game so that the players are as involved as possible and can stay at the gaming table for a long time. 
  4. A chipper (not to be confused with a dealer) is an employee who collects chips by color and denomination on roulette machines and sorts packs of cards for card games by suit and seniority. 
  5. The supervisor is responsible for supervising all the game rules, both on the part of the players and the casino itself. 
  6. Security and CCTV teams are responsible for the security of all players and for monitoring the respect of the rules and ensuring that cheating on all sides is prevented.
  7. The cashier in a casino is no less responsible than the general manager. The cashier's job is to deal with all financial matters and chips, as well as keep track of the gambling establishment's assets.
  8. Service staff: receptionist, waiters, hostesses, and others liaison between a casino and a bar/restaurant. Their task is to create the most comfortable atmosphere for players and minimize their need to change their resting place. 

The gambling world creates its unique community where each employee is a valuable team member, whether they work at online or offline casinos. It's not easy to find someone trustworthy to join your team, and the notion of staff turnover is rare as employers value their staff. 
If you're thinking about moving into a new field and don't know how to get started, look at each of the professions discussed in this article and see if one of them might be right for you. Send your CV to us at Talentgrator at [email protected], and we'll help you find the right offer.